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UX in the org chart

April 17th, 2020 / Design management

Where to put your UX resources on the org chart?

Next we will see where companies usually place the UX department or person and what is usually the best way for the User Experience to have a better and greater impact on the product.

Marketing department.

Many companies choose to place their UX in the Marketing department, thinking that it is a good place because this team is in charge, in part, of researching the client. However, there are two key differences that make this department the wrong one.

The UX staff is in charge of investigating users in a qualitative and quantitative way , while the Marketing staff is in charge of investigating only the client in a quantitative way.

This can lead to the data obtained from users not being sufficiently taken into account and therefore not having the expected impact on the product.

Development department.

This is one of the worst places to put UX in your company.

Product decisions come to this department that must be developed and implemented. If your UX resources are here and not in that decision-making, all the potential that UX brings to the company is lost, since solutions are not being designed based on the data obtained from the user. It is of little use to have a functionality with perfect usability if the user is not going to use it because he really does not need it.

The decision to put UX resources in this department is based on a misunderstanding of UX , seeing it simply as a way to fix bugs or design visually pleasing screens.

Product department.

It is usually the department where it works best , since it is where the design and functionalities that the product should carry are decided.

Here the UX team can fully carry out its work and generate a great positive impact on the product.

The possibility of investigating the user and making design decisions with the data obtained make the product department a good place to place the company's UX resources.

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