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This project starts in 2022 by developing an embedded shopping experience within the Order Tracking screen.
This way, we provide the user with the possibility to complete their restaurant order with products from other nearby supermarkets.


Design Director


April 01, 2022


Product Design


Most viewed, Hyper-growth

Value proposition.

At Rappi, we offer our users a wide range of services, such as restaurant delivery, supermarkets, pharmacies, e-commerce, and more.

Therefore, the strategy is to leverage this while exponentially enhancing our users' experience.

How? By allowing them to complement their orders with relevant products from different supermarkets while their food is being prepared.

And the best time to do this is in the Order Tracking experience, meaning, upon completing the order, we offer the user a variety of stores and relevant products for them to place a second order, enjoying free delivery and having it delivered by the same Rider simultaneously.

Old design

New design



Before launching into production

In the research phase, the first thing we did was quantitatively validate how useful this would be for our users.

I also took advantage of some questions to begin understanding what the most common use cases would be..

After launching into production

We conducted several segmented surveys, meaning each type of user receives a specific survey.

The user types were defined during the data analysis stage, and for this case, we based them on their frequency of use:

• They use it frequently
• They used it only once
• They have never used the functionality

Usability testing

In this project, we designed two different solutions, and therefore, we conducted 5 usability tests with each one to discover which of them performed better in terms of user experience.

Usability testing at Rappi's offices

Example of Likert scale for the two designs

Data analysis

Before launching into production

Once all usability tests were completed, we analyzed all the data to determine which design is the best, and for this, we used three metrics: Success rate, time on task, and Likert scale

After launching into production

Throughout the year 2022, we collected a significant amount of data to subsequently analyze and identify behavior patterns, user segments, etc

Design decisions.

Content segmentation

The Order Tracking screen contains all the information related to the just-placed order.
With RappiMix, we add the ability to navigate between different stores and their catalogs to add products to the order.

At this point in the experience, we have two clearly differentiated Jobs to be done.


Reviewing the details of my order

Ensuring that I ordered the correct products, reviewing the delivery address...


Adding more products to my order

I'm missing something in my fridge, I want a product that the restaurant didn't have...

Due to this, and considering the high complexity of RappiMix, we ultimately decided to split the screen's content into two sections, one for each of the tasks previously mentioned.

Header with a timer

In this space, we need to specify to the user which store they are in and how much time they have left to add new products.

This way, we can keep these two pieces of information visible throughout the entire experience, as they are crucial for providing context.

Store selector

This part of the experience, we decided to design it with a horizontal carousel of "chips," taking up minimal space.

This way, we ensure that the first product carousel is always visible without the need for scrolling, especially on small devices.

This point is super important because those initial products will be crucial to capture the user's interest and attention.

We included a search bar

In the research section, specifically in the data analysis, I discuss finding behavior patterns.

Yes, it sounds cool, but what does this mean?

Well, for example, it means realizing that after using any of the access points to enter the complete store, almost all users search for a product they already have in mind.

This is the behavior pattern:

Action Context
1. Capture attention with the content
Within RappiMix ✅
2. Add products
Within RappiMix ✅
3. Think of something extra that is needed
Within RappiMix ✅
4. Enter the store to search for it
Exiting RappiMix... ❌

My goal is to make the experience as effective and efficient as possible, which is why at the beginning of 2023, we added the ability to search for products without the need to navigate away from this screen.

Product carousels

And finally, we reach the content part.

Here, we decided to showcase only a portion of the store's catalog, thus displaying to the user only the most relevant products for their "mix and match".

With this "curated" and personalized content, we managed to significantly enhance the user experience.

Entering the store

In this experience, we can't display the entire store catalog, so we provide the user with various access points to the complete store to complete their second order.

Additionally, we added a floating widget within the store so they can keep track of the time remaining to finalize the order, ensuring that it can be delivered by the same rider.

Business impact.

Order volume

In Q2, we achieved 🔒 CONFIDENTIAL DATA incremental orders thanks to RappiMix.

Building on that number, in Q3, we continued to grow by 🔒 CONFIDENTIAL DATA month over month.

And finally, we closed Q4 with a 🔒 CONFIDENTIAL DATA growth in order volume.

These data are confidential, and access is restricted exclusively to Rappi staff.


We closed the year 2022 reaching 🔒 CONFIDENTIAL DATA monthly orders placed through RappiMix.

This order volume represents a monthly revenue of 🔒 CONFIDENTIAL DATA for the company.

These data are confidential, and access is restricted exclusively to Rappi staff


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