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This is a selection of some of the projects I have worked on in the last few years, I promise to keep updating them!

Rappi - New Add to Cart

Jun. 2021

In this project I led the redesign of the Add to Cart button taking into account the most important UX KPIs during an online supermarket purchase.

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Cabify - Movo Integration

Sept. 2020

Integration of the Movo service into Cabify's application according to the user's mental model and a clear separation of functionalities.

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Mercadona - Delivery now!

Sept. 2020

Web application for online shopping from home, quickly and easily. This project solves several of the paint points most mentioned by users.

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Cabify - Delivery from the App

Dec. 2020

Redesign of the new delivery functionality in Cabify's app, improving the experience with a task-focused solution.

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Rappi - My profile

Nov. 2020

Redesign of the user profile tab according to the design guidelines and the mental models they generate in users.

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Easy Food - Order, eat and pay

Apr. 2018

Easy Food is a mobile App that allows diners in any restaurant to order and pay for their food directly from their mobile device.

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Jul. 2015

I started this entrepreneurship project by launching an MVP on the market in 2015. The product iterated until 2020 becoming the largest freestyle platform in the world.

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Clash Royale - Reactions

Apr. 2020

Personal project in which I illustrated and animated several of the famous reactions from the video game Clash Royale.

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